Sanatorium Sosnoviy bor

Orichevsky district, Sosnovi Bor, Kirov, Kirov region, 610901

About sanatorium

The Sosnovy Bor Health Resort is situated in Kirov region, resort township of Nizhneivkino. People from all over the country come here for health and recreation.

The reason is obvious: the territory of the Kirov region is home to 197 wildlife sanctuaries, covering the total of 375.000 ha, including state protected wildlife sanctuary, three regional nature reserves, 189 nature heritage sites, and three recreation sites. These nature sanctuaries create a large ecologically clean area with exceptional bioclimate.

Nizhneivkino specializes in balneary tourism, there are 7 large natural mineral water springs in the settlement.

Water from some of the springs is bottled at source and sold commercially. The resort has its own well of natural sodium chloride mineral water. 

Sosnovy Bor offers you a unique package involving all your health needs. We can help to design a wide range of medical and recreational programs based on your physician referral. And physician referral isn’t even compulsory, our medical staff will carefully examine you and give recommendations on how to improve wellbeing, invigorate body and lose weight.

Traditional medical equipment is used alongside mineral water and curative mud therapies.

Primary care physician, pediatrician, neurologist, dentist, otolaryngologist and obstetrician-gynecologist - every one of our medical professionals has more than 10 years of experience behind his back. Psychotherapy specialist also offers his services.

Some of the latest treatment methods used at the resort include acupuncture and leech therapy. Our health and recreational activities have been proven to promote and maintain well-being because of their physical and mental health benefits, boost the immune system and adaptive immune response.

The resort has all the necessary facilities for corporate recreation and business event hosting.

For our leisure guests we offer all kind of sports, fishing, horse riding, and, most importantly, an ambience of total bliss amidst nature. Families with children will find here all kind of playrooms, playgrounds, and a splash pool for the little ones.